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Proposed Calgary bike lane meeting resistance

Downtown Calgary

Calgary, a sprawling city that can pose challenges for its bike commuters, is debating a proposed bike lane in the downtown core.

The plan would put a designated, divided bike lane on Macleod Trail between the Bow River and 25 Avenue, replacing the easternmost lane on the street. It would be the only lane of its kind running in and out of the downtown area of the city.

“I drive there about twice, maybe three times a week,” Ward 4 councillor Sean Chu told Global. “I see one, most of the time, no bike.”

Although the bike infrastructure in Calgary is lagging behind some other Canadian cities, in 2011 1.2 per cent of residents regularly cycled to work, a number similar to other major Canadian metropolitan areas.

There is also a separated bike lane planned on 1st Street between the Bow and Elbow Rivers. Also, according to city council this week, the new bikes lanes around the downtown core have actually made traffic smoother and the number of cyclists has quadrupled.

Drivers are worried scrapping one of the southbound lanes on Macleod Trail would make an already hectic commute even worse.

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