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Rasmussen claims he taught Canadian champ Hesjedal how to use EPO

Photo by Lucas Gilman
Photo by Lucas Gilman

Danish cyclist Michael Rasmussen, in  a new tell-all book, due on sale on Monday, claims he taught Canadians Ryder Hesjedal, Seamus McGrath and Chris Sheppard how to use EPO.

Rasmussen’s autobiography, Yellow Fever, extracts of which have been published in the Danish newspaper Politiken, claims the three stayed with him in 2003 for two weeks and showed them how to use the banned substance, as well as cortisone.

Rasmussen notes he never saw the three use EPO or any other banned substances, but simply that he taught them how it is done.

“They moved into my basement in August, before I went to the Vuelta a España, and after I had ridden the Championship of Zurich,” wrote Rasmussen, reports Politiken. “They stayed for a fortnight. I trained with them in the Dolomites and taught them how to do vitamin injections and how to take EPO and Synacthen.”

Hesjedal won the 2012 Giro d’Italia and was a likely 2004 Olympic champion until he punctured a tire. He has ridden for Garmin-Sharp since 2008.

The three Canadians received money from the government after they all finished in the top-sixteen at the 2003 world mountain bike championships.

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