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Richmond to expand bike network

Edmonton city councillor wants to move bike lanes.

The city of Richmond, B.C., is looking to spend $100,000 to upgrade a multi-use path between Dorval and Lucas Roads.

The money would go toward upgrading an existing path connecting the two roads, helping to create a crosstown east-west  route between Blundell and Francis Roads.

If the city decides to spend the money, their contribution will be matched by the provincial government through the Cycling Infrastructure Partnership Program, or BikeBC, a provincial cost-splitting initiative in which the B.C. provincial government will match investments by municipalities by a certain amount. The program hopes to expand the bicycle network in the province in smaller cities that may not have otherwise had the funding to do so.

Richmond is eligible for up to $100,000 from the program, totalling $200,000 to put toward the upgrade project.

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