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‘Season’ is a new take on cycling video games from Montreal’s Scavenger’s Studio

Roam through scenic landscapes on a solo adventure

Gameplay from Season: A Letter to the Future Photo by: Scavengers Studio

If you’re looking for a way to escape Canada’s cold winter on your bike, without pulling out the fat bike or sweating it out on Zwift, Montreal’s Scavenger Studio might have the answer. On Thursday, the indy studio announced an early 2023 release date for its new game Season: A Letter to the Future.

Scavenger describes Season as “a third-person atmospheric adventure bicycle road trip game.” The main character, Estelle, is the first person to leave her remote mountain village in a generation. As she rides through some very stunning landscapes, she must learn about the world around her, recording it and the people in it.

The urgency comes from an impending, mysterious change that looms over the game’s world. Estelle must try to understand the world’s secrets before the ending arrives so that she can preserve them in, as the title suggests, a letter to the future.

Gameplay in Season: A Letter to the Future
Image: Scavengers Studio

Season isn’t the first cycling video game, but it eschews the usual extreme sports format of past BMX and mountain bike video games. It’s also quite clearly not the same as the most popular gamification of cycling, Zwift. Compared to those, Seasons takes a much more esoteric tact.

Season was first announced in 2019. It now has an official release date: January 31, 2023. That release announcement includes the options for pre-orders on Playstation which are available now.

The new cycling game is Scavenger’s second major release. The first, Darwin Project, was a short-lived project that garnered attention for its innovative twist on the survival game format.

Gameplay Trailer – Season: A letter to the future