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Spanish cyclist on MTB accidentally shot

Hunters thought he was a rabbit

Photo by: Miguel Toran

Miguel Toran was having a nice little mountain bike ride when he saw a few hunters hanging out beside the trail. Thinking nothing of it, he continued on…until he was accidentally shot by the third hunter in the group a few metres later.

The rider was in a colourful jersey and shorts as he rode on the Monte Orgergia trail in Alicante, Spain. It’s a popular spot that many hikers and bikers use.

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The hunter discharged a cartridge that had hundreds of pellets that ended up in Toran’s backside, back and legs. Thankfully none of the bullets hit any vital organs. However, first responders¬† later removed dozens and dozens of pellets that had become embedded in his skin.

Later, the hunter told authorities that he mistook the cyclists for a rabbit, due to his quick movement. The rider admitted afterward that he believed it to be a genuine mistake, but hoped that others would learn from it, as the situation could have been much more dire.