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Strava brings back Bluetooth connectivity

The app's latest feature records real time data when paired with a heart rate monitor

Photo by: mec

Beginning Nov. 18, all Strava users will be able to pair Bluetooth enabled heart rate sensors directly with their phones to track heart rate in real time during a ride or other activity.

Strava says that, thanks to feedback and beta testing from its users, the company has restored Bluetooth functionality in the app for heart rate monitors, while resolving prior issues that caused the app to crash. Real time heart rate data was previously only available to Strava subscribers, but now all users will be able to use their phones as bike computers.

Heart rate analytics

This sought-after connectivity and sensor support feature will appeal to many Strava users who don’t own a smart watch or cycling computer. Heart rate data helps users keep rides in the right training zones, analyze efforts post-workout, and provides Strava subscribers with valuable insight into performance with heart rate metrics like ‘Fitness’ and ‘Relative Effort’.

Which heart rate monitor should you get?

If you’re interested in tracking your heart rate during workouts you’ll need a heart rate monitor. The most popular cycling heart rate monitors are adjustable straps that wrap comfortably around your chest. The Garmin HRM-Dual and Wahoo Tickr are popular models with cyclists.

Most brands will do, but, if you’re buying an older model, make sure the monitor is Bluetooth enabled and doesn’t just use an ANT+ connection.

photo: mec

A bar mount for your phone will allow you to see your heart rate in real time on Strava—effectively transforming your phone into a basic bike computer. With this Strava, even without a bike computer you’ll be able to train using heart rate zones and monitor your ‘relative effort’ if you’re a premium user.