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Sydenham Road bike lanes have been cancelled

Project was to cost $1.7 million

After listening to both cyclists and non-cyclists, the plans to install bike lanes on Sydenham Road in Dundas, Ont., have been turfed, according to The Hamilton Spectator.

Arlene VanderBeek, the Dundas city councillor and whose Ward 13 includes part of Flamborough, announced the news on Wednesday.

The $1.7 million that was set to be spent on the lanes will be used for other projects in her ward. The money was coming from Hamilton’s $30-million Canada Community Building Fund.

In January, the lanes were announced much to the delight of riders in Hamilton. The hill, which leaves downtown Dundas and heads north for 1.5 km has long been a popular spot for intervals and hill training for many cyclists for years.

However, local residents had several concerns about the lanes as the project, including no pedestrian infrastructure, as well as safety issues with the actual design of the lanes.

City staff said that the planned bike lanes would not have sidewalks, and the aim of the lanes would “open up this route as an option to people with greater range of cycling skills.”

It is not yet clear where the money previously allocated for the bike lanes would go. The money will be discussed and approved by the city council.

“I will be bringing a motion to committee as soon as possible to reflect the changes, once they have been determined and approved between myself and city staff,” VanderBeek said.