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The Edmonton naked bike ride bumped into a freedom convoy on Sunday

Never the twain shall meet?

World Naked Bike Ride Edmonton Photo by: World Naked Bike Ride Edmonton/Facebook

As George Costanza once said, “worlds are colliding!” On Sunday in Edmonton, there was a freedom convoy demonstrating in solidarity with Dutch framers. It also happened to be World Naked Bike Ride in Edmonton. Eric Tully tweeted about the incident. “I witnessed a beautiful interaction today let me share it with you. My city had a naked bike ride today to bring awareness to more sustainable environmental practices. Along their ride they ran into a Freedom Convoy protest.”

He then described how it all went down. “To my good fortune I happened to witness what unfolded. Our brave naked cyclists with wangs and breasts waving in the summer air, rode confidently into the thick of it. Well reader, the scene that unfolded before my eye’s was glorious.”

You can read the whole thread below.