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This BBC broadcaster reads the news each morning as she rides her bike

Foreign correspondent Anna Holligan is a multi-tasking reporter

Photo by: @anneholligan

Anna Holligan is a BBC foreign correspondent and she has the most unusual news studio: a bike! The Scottish journalist lives in The Hague and every morning she has a segment called “Dutch news from the cycle path.”

The idea came to her after seeing a colleague shoot political news back in the U.K. on his phone.

“It occurred to me I could do exactly the same from my bike as I cycle,” she said in an interview with The Next Web.

Since there are fines for using your phone in the Netherlands, Holligan knew she had to find a safe solution to read the headlines as she rode. She mounted a selfie stick and presto chango, she’s good to go. She attaches the stick to her bars so she can ride safely and read out the news of the day. A lapel microphone grabs her audio and she’s off to the races…er rides.

“And then I cycle and share the stories. I think it’s cool how the tech enables to do something quite innovative with such ease,” she explained. “Some people have said it looks dangerous, but I’m literally doing the same as if I was cycling and chatting to a friend.”