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This couple turned a bike into a train for Hallowe’en and it’s really something

Everyone who saw the locomotive loved it

Photo by: mbonsma/Twitter

Madeleine Bonsma-Fisher, a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, and her partner, Kent Bonsma-Fisher, unveiled an incredible bike transformation for Hallowe’en.

The genesis of the project began long before Hallowe’en, and given the work they put into it, that’s no surprise.

“One day in August Kent turned to me and said, ‘What if we turned the bike into a train?’ Today, that dream has become reality.”

The finished product looks just like a locomotive, and it takes you a moment to realize there’s someone pedalling inside the choo choo bike.

“Just as we hoped, the neighbour kids went wild. We spent two hours today giving rides around our street, and each time we got back to the start at the park, the line had grown longer. People were pouring out of their houses. We lived the streets-for-people dream,” she added.

Check out the big reveal below.