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This is how parents in Barcelona are protecting their kids on bikes

They call it Bicibús

If the weather is nice, it’s always more fun for a kid to ride their bike to school. It’s also a healthy way to get some exercise. But with more and more traffic and aggressive drivers, it can be a scary prospect for parents to consider.

In Barcelona, there’s a simple but clever way to get kids to ride their bikes safely to school. They call it Bicibús, or bike bus. The “bus” consists of a rolling caravan of kids riding to school with some parents acting as chaperones and ride leaders.

How it works

At the start of each week the organizers post a route so parents can bring their kids to join the ride on their way to school. It’s not just for one school. but several in the area. This way kids from a variety of schools can ride together in the safety of a highly visible, rolling enclosure.

The reception

The police encouraged the bike bus for a two week trial period. After that point, they said the bike bus would have to stop. But local parents insisted that the bike bus continue. The police have since agreed to provide an escort until the end of the year. It’s not clear what will happen afterwards, but the hope is it it continues.