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Toronto’s new mayor biked to work on first day and local cyclists loved it

Newly-elected Olivia Chow rode a large group of supporters

Mayor Olivia Chow and Toronto cyclists Photo by: CycleToronto

Toronto’s new mayor, Olivia Chow, joined a large group of cyclists on her way to City Hall for her first day of work. Chow recently won the by-election on June 26, following previous mayor John Tory’s resignation. Tory stepped down following news that he had an extra-marital affair, made even worse by the fact that it was during a time when he urged Torontonians to stay at home because of COVID-19.

Toronto cycling advocate Robin Richardson’s optimism echoed many of the cyclists who rode with Chow to work.
“I feel hopeful in a way I haven’t in a long time,” Robin Richardson said.

After several of the mayoral candidates called for removal of essential cycling infrastructure, the election of Chow was a welcome relief for riders in the capital of Ontario.

Advocacy group CycleToronto organized the 20-minute ride.

Chow uses her bike to commute all-year round, and does not own a car.

“I feel so blessed to be able to come to work on my first day of being the mayor of this great city of ours with hundreds of cyclists,” she said. “I was also picturing, if all of us were in a car, there’d be serious traffic problems.”