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Toronto motorist drives like maniac on sidewalks and bike lanes, almost killing dozens

A terrifying video shows motorist almost speed over dozens of people

Crazy Toronto Driver Photo by: @6ixbuzztv

A car recklessly sped over sidewalks and bike lanes, barely missing all sorts of pedestrians and cyclists in a bonkers and frightening incident on Saturday in Toronto. A blue Ford Escape made a completely irresponsible move by driving up onto the sidewalk at an intersection very close to the Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays, as well as other local attractions.

Video posted of horrific ordeal

A video of the incident was posted on Sunday, capturing the moment when the Ford Escape blared its horn as it speeds past the person holding the camera. There are people on other side of the car that he is close to hitting.

The scene quickly turned chaotic as people scrambled to avoid the speeding vehicle. The driver then turned onto a nearby street, while some courageous people took action by shouting and throwing things at the culprits. The driver then goes into the protected bike lane, just avoiding two cyclists who were riding ahead of them.

I was almost killed today by a motorist driving in a cycle track and it was terrifying

Miraculously, no one was injured. The suspect was also located and arrested. According to Toronto Police, the man had become involved in a road rage incident with another driver and smashed the hood of that vehicle with a collapsible baton. “Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, however the man proceeded to drive through heavy traffic and onto the sidewalk, nearly missing pedestrians and striking seven stopped vehicles before being stopped by officers,” the statement read. “Police arrested two men and two women in the vehicle.”

Multiple charges for driver

Corey Lane, 25, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with: possession of a weapon, mischief to property under $5000, two counts of fail to stop for police, four counts of dangerous operation, possession of property obtained by crime under $5000, driving a motor vehicle while suspended and use of unauthorized plate. Audrey Humphreys, 18, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon.