unicycle in Montreal

During snow storms, traffic slows to a crawl during rush hour and some cyclists head out on often uncleared bike networks to defy the weather. While a segment of Canadians complains about how inconvenient it is, many others simply pull out their shovels to go about their day as usual. While you’d expect some activities to be entirely called off, think again.

If a person riding a unicycle can brave a Montreal snow storm, what do you have to complain about?

Last Tuesday, Montreal received a snow fall of over 18 cm. The fresh powder didn’t stop one intrepid unicyclists from heading out on the snowy streets. Of course, a bystander filmed the feet of deviance.

“We do not know if this girl is going to work; if you do it out of necessity, for sport or for pure boasting. We only know that she is an extreme #pedalista” wrote Instagram user @elpedalista.

The video shows the unicyclist just plowing through the snow and while many would struggle simply to stay upright on the one wheeled vehicle, she makes riding through fresh snow look effortless.

Now the next time you get on your bike to ride to work in the snow, or complain about shoveling to get into your heated car, remember the image of this unicyclist showing us what winter should truly be about, making the most of whatever whether we are handed in our own corner of Canada.

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