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US Postal Service insists blocking bike lanes just part of doing business

In Manhattan, illegally stopping vehicles is just part of getting the mail delivered on time according to the USPS

The US Postal Service has defiantly responded to a Twitter user critical of the company for leaving unattended delivery trucks illegally parked. In New York City, the fine for parking in a bike lane is up to US$115 but the postal service doesn’t seem particularly bothered by the actions of its drivers.

A statement from a local USPS post office read, “Parking is extremely limited in Manhattan. If our carriers searched for parking spaces that did not interfere at times with bike lanes we could never deliver the mail timely and efficiently.”

The USPS Help Twitter account was responding to a user who photographed a postal truck illegally parked in front of a fire hydrant in Manhattan. It’s unclear if the photographed delivery truck was stopped in a bike lane as well but both are not permitted and carry fines in North America’s most populous city.

Delivery trucks stopped or parked in bike lanes was a big issue in Canada’s biggest city as well. In Toronto, parking enforcement officers on bikes have cracked down on unattended cars parked or stopped in bike lanes including delivery trucks.