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Video: Dutch volunteers import 250 orange bikes to beat traffic in Rio

It's safe to say that the Olympics create all new traffic problems. Leave it to the Dutch to import the solution.

If there’s anyone who knows how to beat gridlock on two wheels, it’s the Dutch. And they’re proving that know-how in Rio, a place where traffic congestion—particularly with the Olympics in full swing—can be somewhat endemic.

How are they pulling it off? By importing a bunch of orange bikes—250 of them, to be precise.

In a video published by the Wall Street Journal, Dutch volunteers noted how what they do at home helps in Brazil. We’re from Holland,” said volunteer Elise Tijssen, “so biking is like walking for us.”

On a practical level, volunteers explained that their varying start times underscore the benefit of getting from the hotel to Olympic sites by bike. Sure, one could take the bus, but with traffic heavier at different times of the day—heavy even by Rio’s standards—why not ride instead and get there with a bit more ease and convenience?

It’s a principle that commuting riders have understood and championed for years, especially in the Netherlands. Check out the Wall Street Journal video above for the full story.