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Video: Toronto taxi driver intentionally hits cyclist in act of road rage

Frightening footage of a taxi driver veering into a cyclist

Shocking footage captured by a bystander of a road rage incident shows a taxi driver intentionally running into a cyclist in Toronto. The video shows a cyclist, working for Favour Delivery, riding beside a taxi in a marked bike lane. The cyclist while riding knocks on the taxi’s window and flips the bird to the driver.

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The driver’s response is frightening to watch as he intentionally veers to the right into the cyclist and knocks him over the curb and onto the sidewalk. The incident of road rage was captured by a passenger in a vehicle ahead who after the collision gets out of the car to check on the cyclist.

Amazingly the cyclist appears to have not sustained any serious injuries despite the hard fall when he is asked whether he is okay numerous times by the individual capturing the footage. Upon getting up he says to the taxi driver, “You’re going to jail, that is assault.” The taxi driver appears to get on the phone as the cyclist tries to confront him.

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Bystanders begin to voice their opinions, one man saying that he could see the cyclist had been harassing the driver for two blocks while another cyclist appears to side with the cyclist who was hit. It’s still unclear whether a police report was filed.

CP24 are reporting that Toronto 52 Division police are leading an investigation into the incident which occured in Toronto’s downtown core. They were first notified about it shortly after 6pm on August 18.

The bike couriers employer Favour Delivery said in a written statement that they are, “extremely concerned by the incident. The safety of our Runners is a top priority. We are in close contact with the Runner,” the statement read. “The police have been informed and are currently investigating the incident.”