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Watch: Group ride’s harrowing rescue of a drowning deer in Spain

Cyclists riding through the Spanish countryside came across a deer drowning in the ruins of a building

Groups of cyclists pedalling through the countryside come across all sorts of sights and sounds. Trees swaying gently in the wind, birds chirping and tranquil vistas. A group ride in Southern Spain however, came across a more desperate situation, a deer drowning in a flooded old foundation. In a video posted on Twitter, the group’s dramatic rescue efforts were captured.

Five cyclists can be seen trying to drag the struggling animal from the water. Grabbing the deer’s antlers, the cyclists try to haul the animal out of the ruined building. The deer, obviously extremely frightened struggles as the riders lift it from the water.

The cyclists struggle to lift the big animal from the water. One topples over when a piece of rope they have employed breaks. Eventually, they manage to get the deer high enough for it to stand up. When it begins running away, it knocks over numerous of the riders. The good news is it makes it out of the water no worse for wear but certainly doesn’t stick around instead.

The harrowing rescue prompted many responses on social media, many jokingly pointing out that the deer doesn’t even say thank you before running away. The rescue took place in Huescar to the northeast of the city of Granada in Southern Spain.