Bikes can occasionally get tangled in things while out for a ride. Perhaps a piece of clothing or a branch on a trail. The chance of that happening increases when you need to navigate over obstacles as four men needed to do while out for a fat bike ride. However, one fat biker while trying to lift his bike over a fence was unfortunate enough to find out it was electric and promptly dropped it.

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Watching Paul and his three friends try and free his fat bike from what one of the men calls a fence that is, “only a little bit electric, it’s only a little bit live” is quite entertaining. The friends hash together a quick strategy before getting to work freeing the bike. The men endure a few electric shocks which prompts a fair bit of laughter while trying to free the bike.

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The three men try a number of strategies to avoid being shocked. They try and grab the tires to avoid the electric current, they try to use sticks which snap on them. Paul with some support from his friends finally manages to get the bike off the fence. A friend chimes in, “Now you have to straighten up the fence.”

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