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Watch a thief use bolt cutters in plain daylight to steal a $2,000 bike

British man casually rips off a ride and is caught on CCTV

Photo by: Sussex Police @sussex_police

In what may be one of the most brazen bike thefts caught on camera, a man used bolt cutters being taking off with a bike. Dean Haggerty was seen in a video walking up to a mountain bike, taking out the shears and cutting the lock in Worthing, England. According to police the bike was worth a few grand.

Police identified him easily, as it seems Ole Deaner has a track record of stealing bikes and booze. Cops said that Haggarty is a “a blight on society.” (He should put that on his business card.)

The 48-year-old man was caught, of course, and handed a 12-month jail sentence.

Check out Haggerty’s heist below.