British freerider Matt Jones latest edit called Frames of Mind shows how he visualizes ahis unique tricks. Using an in-camera effect showing slow-motion duplicates which editors brought to screen using keying and rotoscoping techniques, we see how Jones executes the seemingly impossible. The production team used slow-motion ‘traces’ to show Jones visualising the unbelievable stunts he was preparing to perform.

“I’m not a practice-makes-perfect learner. It’s all visualisation. From take-off to landing, you can run through it all in your head before you get in the saddle,” the 23-year-old explained.

Some of the jaw dropping tricks include the hitching post which according to RedBull has never been performed before. Other impressive tricks he nails in the clip include the corkscrew, hitching post flip to feet, superman backflip to tuck no-hander, the bum slide and 270 rim bonk.

The amazing cut was filmed at Rushmere Country Park north of London. For more insight into the production of the film visit

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