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What Canadian cyclists should know about vaccine passports

Cycling events, track and more

As many Canadian provinces begin implementing vaccination passport systems it’s important for those looking to participate in group activities to know the new systems put in place in their area.

The various forms of cycling are activities that will be treated differently by each provincial government when they consider where a passport will or won’t be required. To be safe, if your government has issued a vaccine passport it’s always good to keep it on your person (either physically or digitally) when riding. Even if it isn’t required, you never know what sort of post-ride activities you may end up doing (a quick late-summer ice cream stop?) and you’ll be happy you kept it on you.

While some provincial cycling organizations are still figuring out where the sport fits into the new rules, here are what some cyclists can expect to see.


The FQSC, Quebec’s cycling federation, has been very clear about its passport requirements. As of Sept. 1, the vaccination passport is required for all participants aged 13 and over during cycling events in Quebec, regardless of the level of sanction or cycling discipline. Riders who visit from outside the province for an event are required to show official proof of vaccination. The national road cycling championships held in Beauce, Qc. last weekend required all athletes to show proof of vaccination upon registration.

Newfoundland and Labrador’s Premier, Andrew Furey, said that the province will soon be using Quebec’s model for the vaccine passport.


In B.C., where passports were just implemented, outdoor cycling seems to not require a passport as of now, though some event organizers have decided to include mandatory vaccination in their COVID-19 protocols. Cross on the Rock, a cyclocross race series, requires participants 12-year-old and up to be vaccinated.

Indoor track cyclists will also require a passport. As of Sept. 13, any cyclist 22 years or older participating in activities and events at the Burnaby Velodrome will be required to be able to show proof of vaccination upon request.


In Ontario, as of Sept. 22, proof of vaccination status will be required to eat indoors at restaurants and bars, to enter a gym, movie theatre, sporting venue or concert, and to use large meeting and event spaces.

The Forest City Velodrome in London, On., is requiring proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 for all eligible individuals (as defined by the Ontario Minister of Health) or proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 for the adult guardian of any children under 12 and completion of a rapid COVID-19 test on-site for those that are ineligible.


Although the Alberta government is providing vaccinated citizens with proof of vaccination, the province will not require businesses to ask customers for their vaccination records.

Some businesses, however, have chosen to require digital or physical records regardless. On Sept. 1, YYC Cycle, a Calgary spin bike studio, announced it would require proof of vaccination as of Sept. 15.