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Pedal for Portage: An extraordinary ride supporting a vital cause

Empower youth transformation through a cycling adventure

As summer draws to a close, consider joining the remarkable Pedal for Portage ride. Not only will you experience an exhilarating ride, but you’ll also be contributing to a significant cause: supporting young Canadians in their journey towards recovery. For nearly four decades, Portage, a non-profit organization located in the picturesque town of Elora, Ontario, has been dedicated to assisting teenagers with addiction and rehabilitation.

The event offers four distinct rides: 20 km, 45 km, 75 km, and 100 km, each taking you through breathtaking scenery in the area. The ride takes place on September 23, Pedal for Portage coincides with the autumn season, where the beautiful array of changing colors promises an unforgettable ride.

A commitment to empowerment

It is imperative to underscore that each dollar procured under this initiative resonates with a far-reaching influence, bolstering the provision of aid to the youthful demographic needing our support.

While the primary aim of Portage is to aid in overcoming substance dependence, the facility also focuses on empowering young individuals with a positive self-concept and practical skills that will serve them beyond their time at the facility. Participants undergo courses that lead to job certifications, preparing them for a successful transition to the “real world.” When a resident finishes their stay at Portage, the hope is they will be ready to take on new challenges, as well as stay sober.

The essence of Portage

Portage residents reside in a communal environment, working towards addressing the underlying triggers of their substance abuse while learning to cooperate and coexist with peers who share similar goals. This communal living fosters self-assurance and a sense of purpose, equipping individuals to embark on a path towards fulfilling, drug-free lives. Referrals to the facility come from various sources across Ontario, including parents, schools, medical professionals, and youth support groups.

Navigating the routes

All rides start in Elora. The 20 km route is family-friendly and suitable for occasional cyclists. The semi-groomed Cataract Trail route offers a safe and enjoyable way to explore the area.

For those seeking more challenging routes, the 45 km, 75 km, and 100 km rides encircle the Grand River and the picturesque Bellwood Lake. The 45 km route combines road and groomed trails, including the Trestle Bridge and Cataract trails.

The 100 km ride, a new addition this year, presents a mix of gravel and road surfaces, similar to the 75 km ride. If you’re up for a demanding cycling adventure after a summer of training, the 100 km route is an enticing option. Regardless of the distance, completing the 45 km or 75 km routes is sure to evoke a sense of accomplishment.

All rides are fully supported. At the start, you can find some breakfast to fuel your day, and there’s lunch offered when you finish. You can register as an individual, or as a family. There are medals and complimentary water bottles for those who enter, and prizes for the top fundraisers.

Hybrid flexibility

In response to lingering COVID-19 concerns, a hybrid version of the event was introduced in 2022. This approach allows participants to complete the same distances from anywhere, whether within or outside of Ontario. Families of residents, who may reside in different provinces, can also partake in their own versions of the ride while contributing to fundraising efforts.

A transformative impact

By participating in this ride, you play a pivotal role in shaping someone’s future, all while enjoying an extraordinary day of cycling adventure.

For additional details and registration information, please visit PedalForPortage.ca

To donate, click here for the event, and here for Team Portage.