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Why cyclists make terrible travel partners

A warm and beautiful travel destination with nice roads is too tempting for a cyclist to leave the bike at home

Thinking of booking a trip abroad with your favourite cycling friend, eh? Don’t. We know who this person really is and we’re going to tell you what will happen if you bring this person on your trip. Love them you may, but carefully consider bringing them along for the trip. We’re going to let you in on a few secrets that happen when a cyclist gets to travel abroad to a beautiful destination.

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If you are travelling with a cyclist, here are some things you are sure to hear at some point during your trip:

1. I thought I would bring my bike just in case there’s some free time to ride

It fits in this bike bag that will take up half the Airbnb and we only have to arrange a slightly bigger car to get around everywhere.

2. I’m totally in on this trip if it’s somewhere warm with nice roads

It’s not my only consideration but I don’t think I want to take the time off work otherwise.

3. Did you plan activities all week? I’ve already mapped out all the rides I’m going to do

I’ll only be gone for a few hours every day so we will still have time for all the fun stuff you have planned and I’ll even be around in the morning on my rest day.

4. Want to go sight-seeing? Been there, done that…on yesterday’s ride.

Yes, that castle you put on the itinerary months ago is quite picturesque. I know because I went without you.

5. Booked a morning activity? Too bad, I’m getting a ride in.

It cannot be missed. I will be free in the afternoon, however I may be tired.

6. I’d go on that hike but I’m saving my legs.

Sounds great though! Have fun!

7. Sorry did I wake you? Vacation or no vacation, I always get up early to ride

What? It’s my routine.

8. You said you wanted a “chill” weekend so I booked us for a calming hike in the woods, yoga, a relaxing paddle in the river and maybe a ride along the beach if you are in.

All of these activities are extremely relaxing.

9. Yes, I’ll have a cocktail on the beach, but I’m calling it a night at 10:30 p.m.

I can have one or two though! Wild.

10. The note said, “Be back soon.” Sorry, that wasn’t specific enough.

It was a shorter ride than usual though…

11. No, I didn’t disappear, I went for a ride. Calm down.

I have no idea why you would be worried.

12. Before we go, I just need to stretch, shower, clean my bike…and eat. I’m ravenous!

I’ll be ready in two hours.

13. Our day trip is right to the base of this beautiful climb! Be back in two hours.

Enjoy your day. Hope you didn’t want to hang out.