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13 things you might hear on your next group ride

Some of the things you are sure to hear among the cyclists you ride long with

For most, weekend mornings are slow and relaxing. You may have time to lie in bed for an extra hour or two followed by a nice brunch with friends or family. For cyclists, weekend mornings look a little different. Decked out in lycra, groups gather at local cafes and street corners for group rides. An early start ensures the whole day is clear for riding beautiful roads.

Here are some of the things you are sure to hear on the weekend group ride:

1. “I need more coffee”

One coffee in the morning might not be feeling sufficient after an hour of riding. Good thing you are headed for a coffee shop.

2. “When’s the mid-ride stop?”

The ride has barely started and half the group is already thinking about getting their next caffeine fix, even if the ride began with a cortado at the meetup spot so the question can be heard being asked throughout the group.

3. “How many PSI are you running?”

Tire pressure is a hot topic amoung cyclists and curiosity gets the best of at least a few riders in the group who inquisitively ask around what tire pressure everyone is running.

4. “Should I buy a gravel/cyclocross bike?”

The landscape of cycling has changed quite drastically in the last couple of years with more pure roadies dipping their toes into adventure, gravel and cyclocross riding. N + 1 is eternal and the answer is likely yes, cause you definitely will get new riding experiences out of a new versatile bike.

5. “I’m going to eat so many pasteries”

Even if you aren’t bonking, it’s hard not to think about all the pastries you want to devoure at the mid-ride stop. Will it be pie, a coissant, maybe a scone or what about a cookie? The choices are worth fantisizing all ride about.

6. “Are we riding gravel?”

So trendy so the answer might be yes if you joined the right group or absolutely not if everyone is on the latest aero frame running deep carbon wheels and 23 mm tires.

7. “I’m tapering”

Cyclists who race love to announce they are tappering but you might question this when they attack up the first hill.

8. “I’m hungover”

At least someone on the group ride had a late night and still woke up early for the ride. Of course, they need to announce how crummy they are feeling to everyone in the group.

9. “Anyone have an energy bar/gel?”

It’s not uncommon for someone on the group ride to have under estimated how much food they would need for the ride. Once they start to crack, they will desperately seek any calories sitting in someone else’s pockets.

10. “What distance are you at?”

As the kilometres tick away, there is always one inquisitive rider who wants to know how their stats measure up to everyone else’s. They will periodically ask around for other’s distances and announce theirs to the group.

11. “I need wider tires”

With road tires getting wider and subsequently more comfortable, the desire to go even bigger never goes away. If you are running 25 mm tires you will be debating whether to go to 28 mm if your bike has clearance. Running 28s? Maybe 30s or even bigger would be better.

13. “This is an endurance ride so I am staying in Zone 2”

The cyclist who is training will try to adhere to there training plan on the ride and make sure everyone knows it. If the group slows down to much they might go to the front to keep their pace and if it gets too fast they might start complaining of get dropped off the back.