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10 of the most popular Strava segments across Canada

Stretches of pavement that many Canadian cyclists have ridden

Strava has collected the data of thousands of cyclists since it was launched in 2009. Across Canada, GPS data from rides is recorded and uploaded to the social training app by cyclists. Whether a short jaunt, a commute or a long weekend ride, chances are where ever you rode your bike you passed over dozens of Strava segments. Stretches of trail and road all over Canada have virtual segments on them. Strava segments are member-created portions of road or trail where athletes can compete for time virtually. Here are 10 of the most popular Strava segments across Canada:

Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve 4.03 km

Montreal – 4 km – 275,869 attempts by 7,122 Strava users

The track that host the Grand Prix Canada Formula One race is a hot spot for Montreal residents looking for smooth tarmac in a car-free environment.

Prospect Point Climb

Vancouver – 1.2 km at 4 per cent – 216,353 attempts by 10,888 Strava users

Stanley Park is an extremely popular spot for cyclists in Vancouver. Beginning at the Stanley Park seawall and heading up through the park this segment has been ridden by over 10,000 people.

High Park – Main Loop – Centre Road

Toronto – 1.8 km – 124,229 attempts by 3,162 Strava users

High Park is a green space tucked away in the heart of the sprawling city of Toronto. For cyclists looking for somewhere for a short ride away from the busy city, it’s no surprise many of them head here.

Lap of Hawrelak Park

Edmonton – 2.2 km – 55,004 attempts by 1,648 Strava users

Located in Edmonton’s river valley along the North Saskatchewan River, Willaim Hawrelak is a popular spot of Edmontonians to ride.

Gatineau entrance to Pink lake

Gatineau – 6 km at 2 per cent – 61,151 attempts by 5,404 Strava users

Residents of Ottawa and Gatineau, Que. are fortunate enough to have a national park on their doorstep. In Gatineau National Park there are kilometres of beautiful riding on road and trails which many residents take advantage of. To get into the heart of the park, the Promenade de la Gatineau is used my most riders.


Calgary – 1.2 km at 7 per cent – 32,629 attempts by 2,827 Strava users

Climbing up from the Bow River in Edworthy Park in northwestern southwestern Calgary, this climb is a popular training spot. Other biking and hiking trails crisscross the small park.

Big Green

400 m – Quebec City – 15,776 attempts by 2,960 Strava users

Lots of cyclists use this stretch of bike path to head out of the city. It’s a straight stretch of bike path that passes by the Domaine de Maizerets.

Wellington Whistle

Winnipeg – 1.5 km – 12,868 attempts by 1,270 Strava users

A nice green space with a bike path heads towards the city of Winnipeg along the Assiniboine River. For commuters and recreational cyclists, it’s a popular stretch of bike path.

Bluestone Punch Climb

Halifax – 300 m at 6 per cent – 7,747 attempts by 648 Strava users

If you life in Halifax and are coming back from a ride along the coast south of the city you will come upon this punchy hill in Purcell’s Cove as you approach the limits of the city.

Sydenham Alma to Lookout

Hamilton – 1.2 km at 8 per cent – 18,191 attempts by 2,175 Strava users

A very popular climb that ascends the escarpment out of Dundas, Ont. Sydenham Rd. has a Clara Hughes plaque at the top because she used to use it as her training hill. With a tough eight per cent gradient and 1.2 km in length, it is a good spot for a hard effort.

What’s the most popular Strava segment where you life? Leave a comment below.