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7 tricks to getting more riding in this summer

Use these to help you get more time in the saddle

Woman riding into the sunset on her bicycle

Summer is kicking into full gear and your schedule is probably filling up quick. Maximizing your time in the saddle can do wonders to your fitness and your mood. Use these tips to get in a few more kilometers this summer and make the most of the beautiful weather.

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Woman riding into the sunset on her bicycle

1. Map out new routes to try out. Whether you live in a big city, the suburbs or out in the country there are undiscovered roads to ride. Use a mapping tool like Strava, Google Maps or MapMyRide to discover new routes and get out to ride them. You won’t only be rewarded by discovering some fun roads but you’ll be motivated to get out and maybe ride a little further to find them.

2. Plan weekly rides and put them in your schedule. Committing to morning rides before heading to the office or taking advantage of the extra hours of sunlight in the evening is essential to getting the most riding in. Invite some friends or colleagues out and make it a weekly event you look forward too. If you don’t feel you have enough time, find a shorter loop and don’t let excuses stop you.

3. Take advantage of the summer solstice. If you are working a nine to five job getting a good ride in before or after work can sometimes be tough. With the days at their longest, it’s time to take advantage of the extra sunlight by tacking on more kilometers on your rides.

Cyclists on bicycle trail, Gulf Shore Parkway, Prince Edward Island National Park. Courtesy: PEI Tourism/John Sylvester
Courtesy: PEI Tourism/John Sylvester

4. Look out for cycling travel opportunities. Whether you plan on spending the weekend at the cottage or want to make plans for one of the summer’s long weekends, find a spot you can bring your bike and get a few kilometers in. Plan bike excursions to a nice lunch spot or your favourite ice cream shop and enjoy the long summer days.  If you’re going on vacation bring your bike along, cycling is a great away to experience a new place.

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5. Find new people to ride with. Bike shops around the country have rides you can join or maybe one of your colleagues is just getting into the sport. Having friends to ride with will hold you accountable and is great motivation.

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Gran Fondo Mont Tremblant
Gran Fondo Mont Tremblant. Photo credit: René-Pierre Normandeau

6. Find a local charity ride, gran fondo or sportif and sign up today. Setting goals can really up the motivation to spend more time in the saddle. It’s also a great opportunity to meet people in your community who also love riding bikes.

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7. Learn to do your bike maintenance yourself. Stop waiting around for your bike to get out of the shop and save yourself some money. You might already get your hands dirty doing yard work or home improvement projects, why not  get your bike in tip top shape so you can spend more time riding. You may be loosing precious days waiting for your bike to come out of the shop.

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How do you maximize your riding time during the summer? Email philippe@cyclingmagazine.ca and share your summer riding story.