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Castelli Nanoflex 2 bib tights reviewed

Providing the desired warmth with the added bonus of a water repellent fabric that effectively sheds water


A good pair of tights goes a long way in keeping you warm when the weather is crisp and Castelli’s Nanoflex 2 bib tights do just that with the added bonus of a nifty water repellent material that will also effectively keep you dry. What Castelli have accomplished with their silicone Nanoflex material is create precisely the sort of protection your legs need for fall riding.

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When you roll out on a chilly morning, the Nanoflex’s material provides outstanding warmth with a fleece lining. The stretch fabric has a compressive, snug fit which I found to be very comfortable. The tights use minimal stitching which prevents bunching and keeps water out of seams. Castelli say the bibs are ideal for temperatures ranging from 6 to 18 C, though I anticipate continuing to wear them beyond that as the temperature dips even further. When temperatures would rise with the sun on my morning rides, the tights never felt too warm either thanks to the material also being very breathable .


What really make the Nanoflex 2 an exceptional option is the excellent water-repellent fabric. When it would begin to rain, it was very enjoyable to watch the droplets bead on the surface of the bibs. Though the fabric is not waterproof, it worked very effectively even in a downpour. They won’t keep all the water out but certainly enough to remain comfortable once the rain eases. It also provided good protection against road spray making the bibs versatile in varying conditions. To refresh the fabrics water repellence they can be ironed.

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The chamois is Castelli’s Kiss3 which is a step below the company’s exceptional Progetto X2. The multi-layered padding is thickest by your sitting bones and provided a consistently comfortable point of contact with the bike. Their form fit ensures that over longer rides there is no uncomfortable rubbing.


The tights zip up at the bottom with an ankle grip that sits flat and seals in order to keep out water.  The bib straps are mesh and do a good job of holding the tights comfortably in place. Reflective material is used on the Castelli logo and on the leg cuff zipper.

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The Nanoflex 2 provide the warmth needed for late season riding. They offer the comfort and protection desired for long, wet and cold rides. A good pair of form fitted tights always feel fantastic to slip into and the Nanoflex impressed with their versatility. The Nanoflex 2 retail for $195.