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Kryptonite Alley and Avenue bike lights reviewed

Kryptonite's new lineup of bike lights provide the same reliable security you've come to trust from the company's sturdy bike locks

Whether you are ready to accept it or not, the days are getting shorter and that means it’s time to whip out your bike lights. Whether you are trying to squeeze more miles into the mornings or evenings, or simply commuting to and from work, being visible when you are out on the road is essential. Kryptonite’s new lineup of bike lights provides the same reliable security you’ve come to trust from the companies sturdy bike locks.

Kryptonite’s lights offer options for front and rear illumination, they are water resistant, rechargeable and compact, and come with a two-year warranty.

Leading the way in the lineup is the Alley headlight which is bright emitting 275 lumens. With a battery that last for 2.5 hours, this is the sort of light you need for those dark roads or even for venturing onto trails. The Alley has five settings with two blinking modes and three levels of brightness to choose from. The light easily mounts and has a quick-release system making it possible to remove it if you are locking up your bike or to recharge the battery.

The Alley is a very powerful light making it useful if you occasionally venture onto trails, though the beam is fairly narrow making it best complimented by a headlamp if you are fond of exploring technical single track in the dark.

The Avenue is Kryptonite’s urban safety light. The rear Avenue emits 19 lumens and features eight modes. From slow flashing to very obnoxious flashing and varying solid brightness settings to ensure you are visible in all conditions. The light has two LEDs making you very visible. The Alley and Avenue are available in a set for $125.

Another option is the Avenue set which includes a front and a rear dual coloured light. Both lights have a white and red LED with five modes with the rear featuring more blinking than solid modes. The nice thing about the dual colour is the ability to switch them around if one burns out before you’ve reached your destination. The front light emits 50 lumens while the rear light is a more modest 19 lumens with both having a battery life of 1.5 hours.

The buttons on the lights are found on the Kryptonite X logo. To switch modes on the lights simply requires a push of the button. To turn the lights off it is necessary to switch through all the modes until selecting the off mode. It is a simple system that is functional and makes it easy to switch settings while on the go. In various conditions, each mode has a use. Having dimmer settings is nice when riding with people and with blinking modes you are sure to be noticed if it’s dark and rainy.

The Avenue lights can be easily removed for recharging and can be clipped onto a bag or clothing if desired. Charging is done using a micro USB cable. The Avenue dual set retails for $57.

With a wide selection of modes and excellent brightness, the new Kryptonite lights will make you visible when you are out on the road. They function reliably and are easy to use.