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Maghalie Rochette launches CX Fever Fund

Canadian champion spreading her love for cyclocross

Maghalie Rochette

Canadian cyclocross champion Maghalie Rochette has launched a grant for girls 16 to 22 giving them the opportunity to race and spend a weekend alongside the Clif Pro Team at the North American Continental Championships in Louisville, Kentucky.

The grant, valued at $1,500, is intended to give young cyclocross racers the opportunity to learn alongside a fun and skilled group of professional racers. “The goal of that project is to share our resources, passion and knowledge with someone in the hope that this will help them grow as a cyclocross racer and inspire them to pursue their goals in the sport,” Rochette said.

CX Fever socks. Photo: Matt Stetson

CX Fever was a project launched by Rochette to spread her passion for the sport. She will be selling CX Fever socks, t-shirts and hats through her website will all proceeds going towards the grant. Additionally she plans to work with Garneau to make a suit that will be available to purchase with the profits going towards the CX Fever fund. Any additional funds that exceed the amount needed for the first project will go towards future grants.

Airfare, lodging for two-nights, dinners, team support for the races including to the team mechanic and soigneur, and transportation are all covered for the one recipient who is chosen for the grant.

Describing what the experience will provide Rochette said the grant recipient will, “Learn from some of the best cyclocross racers in the world; get to pre-ride with them, hang out, ask questions, see how they prepare for a race and be a part of the preparation.”

Applicants must live in Canada or the US, need to be eligible to the cyclocross continental championships in the youth women’s category, speak English, and are willing to spend 3 days away from home while accompanying the team for the race weekend.

More information is available at maghalierochette.com/cx-fever-application-form/. For those interested in contributing to the grant visit maghalierochette.com/what-to-contribute-to-the-grant/.