After a long day in the saddle, tension may develop in your lower back and hips. In order to stay limber on your bike and able to fold into a comfortable riding position, it is important to prevent these areas from becoming too tight. Practicing yoga is a great and relaxing way to address tension in the hips and lower back. Yoga poses can help your posture and comfort on and off the bike.

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Loose hips and lower back will also help you deliver power through your legs to the pedals. When these areas are sensitive, pedalling hard for long periods of time can become laboursome. Using yoga to address problematic areas of your body can insure that the next time you hop in the saddle you will be ready to pedal for longer more comfortably. Incorporating yoga into your routine can help with performance and recovery. In the long run, it can lead to more comfort in the saddle and help you deliver more power through the pedals.

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Using these five poses chosen by Colin Matthews, founder and creative director of Kula Yoga Studio, you can better address your lower back and hips. Incorporate these sequences into your daily routine, they only take a couple of minutes so can be done during a busy day, before a ride or following a high-intensity workout when you need to unwind.

Here are the top poses for your shoulders, back and neck and try these five poses before or after a ride.

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