Former American cyclocross champion Jeremy Powers has been riding disc brakes for years now with the technology being widely used and accepted in professional cyclocross racing. However, the UCI and professionals on the road have raised concerns about their safety.

While the UCI has allowed testing periods of disc brakes to take place, incidents such as the deep gashes Francisco Ventoso’s (Movistar) had following a crash at the 2016 Paris-Roubaix and Owain Doull (Team Sky) had on his shoes following a crash at the 2017 Abu Dhabi Tour have made it difficult for the UCI to allow full use of the technology.

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Jeremy Powers wants people to know that while he doesn’t disagree with the issues raised by his colleagues who are professional road racers who compete in large fields, he believes the new rounded rotors that are being introduced are safe. So much so he will willing to put his own hand at risk to prove it. While spinning the wheel of his bike and simultaneously holding his hand against the edge of the new beveled SRAM rotor, Jeremy Powers said in a video he recently record that, “There is nothing that will cut you any longer on these new discs.”

While debate on the topic will continue to rage on despite Powers very convincing demonstration, the major disc brake manufacturers have taken note of the safety concerns raised to make their systems less hazardous to riders.


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