Fall is coming and before you know it you’ll be reaching for your rakes and leaf blower. A father in Virginia had a different idea than clearing leaves instead having some fun with his son on his tricycle. Every cyclist likes a good tail wind after all.

The first of the videos was upload the Youtube last October and shows Mark Bundy, a father in Williamsburg, giving his son Graham a little bit of wind powered assistance thanks to his leafblower. Running across his front driveway with the leaf blower in hand, the father propels his son forward. No pedaling required, jut a whole lot of free speed.

It wasn’t the only time the two got up to some wind powered fun. In another video taken from the perspective of dad, little Graham goes tumbling into the ground when he veers off of the driveway and into the front lawn. Luckily, he was wearing some head and eye protection.

In a post faceplant video, Graham gets a high five and Mark gets right to it with his other son. “Time for astronaut number two,” dad says.

The two have been up to it again this year. In a video posted last week, Graham can be heard giggling joyfully has he’s propelled by the leafblower out of the garage and then back. No mishap this time. Just a lot of three-wheeled fun.


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