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Cyclist pays high price for jogger’s negligence

A jogger wearing headphones while training learned the hard way the importance of spatial awareness and shoulder checks

Dumb Runner

by Tim Huebsch


Warning: The video contains profanity in the text overlay.

A runner learned the hard way the importance of paying attention during training runs after he was hit by a cyclist. The runner, who was wearing headphones, took a hard left to do a U-turn on his run just as the cyclist was attempting to pass on the left.

In the video, which so far has garnered 90,000 views, the cyclist is commuting home on May 12 when he yells out “on your left” at the oncoming runner, a common practice to notify those ahead of you that you will be passing.

The cyclist soon realizes that he didn’t yell loud enough. Before he can react, the two collide. Both end up in the grassy area adjacent to the path, fortunate since crashing onto the pavement would be considerably worse. It’s unclear whether the path had a speed limit for cyclists.

The video was posted the day after the collision occurred. Maintaining spatial awareness by checking over your shoulder is also important when running and cycling on paths, trails, sidewalks or roads.