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This decked out Lego bike has functional disc brakes

It even comes with a GPS unit

Photo by: Lego Ideas/SleepyCow

Lego Ideas creator SleepyCow has created a fully functional mini bicycle entirely out of Lego, and they want users to vote for their product to become a real Lego set.

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Functional bike

The bike doesn’t just have turning wheels, it also has functional disc brakes, a kickstand, a chain and a working bell. It comes with removable lights, a water bottle and even a mini GPS unit.

SleepyCow calls cycling“one of the most environmentally friendly means of transportation,” in their Lego Ideas post. “It is also an extremely fun way to exercise.”

SleepyCow/Lego Ideas

The list of Lego bike features features includes:
– Sturdy bike frame
– Comfortable saddle
– Working drivetrain
– Half chain guard
– Realistic pedal and crank arm
– Functional freewheel mechanism
– Working pneumatic front and rear disc brakes
– Adjustable handlebars
– Spring loaded kickstand
– Bike bell
– Bike light
– Realistic spoke wheel
– Rear rack
– Bike GPS
– Bottle cage
– Rear deflector
– U lock
– Bike stand

The Lego Ideas user says that the model is the perfect size to display and appeals to a vast audience. “With less than 1000 pieces, it is also the perfect medium set for LEGO newcomers, both in terms of price and building experience.”

The bike has 999 bricks (the including bike stand and accessories).

SleepyCow/Lego Ideas

“When I designed the model, my main goal was to capture all of the mechanical functions of a real bicycle, including the drivetrain, front/rear brakes and working freewheel,” says SleepyCow. “It was very challenging, especially making the bike frame sturdy enough to hold the rest of the model. Nonetheless, I am extremely satisfied with the end-product and flawless riding mechanism. I cannot wait to share this build with the rest of the LEGO community.”