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Watch: Sam Bennett stars in funny Irish bikeshare commercial

The Deceuninck–Quick-Step rider is teased by a commuter in the Dublinbikes ad

Photo by: Youtube

Sam Bennett, this year’s winner of the Tour de France green jersey, is well known in his home of Ireland.

Recently, the 30-year-old Irish national champion and Deceuninck–Quick-Step rider starred in a fun ad for Dublin’s bike share service, which is newly sponsored by NowTV (a subsidiary of Sky Tv). In the ad Bennett is brutally taken down by a commuter who teases him for his fancy bike and kit. It’s fun to see the pro cyclist try and defend himself in the lighthearted ad for what sounds like a quite affordable bikeshare service.

Lycra boy

“Alright we get the point,” says the commuter. “It’s a bit over the top isn’t it? The outfit and everything? I mean who do you think you are?”

“Sam Bennett,” replies Bennett.

When Bennett notes that he won a green jersey, the commuter says the he, too, won a green jersey in a Facebook raffle. The commuter then goes on to poke fun at what Bennett describes as his “lean muscle” and Bennett’s clipless pedals that the commuter says Bennett needs because he “can’t keep his feet where they’re supposed to be.” He also notes that Bennett doesn’t need sunglasses in the overcast winter weather and that he probably couldn’t even pop a wheelie on his lightweight bike.

“Look at that saddle,” says the commuter. “Like sitting on the edge of a knife!”

The commuter then notes that his bikeshare ride costs only 50 cents an hour, “you could do the Tour de France for 35 quid!” (the cost of an annual pass, though Bennett would have to periodically dock the bike to avoid additional charges.)

The commuter finishes by noting that he doesn’t need to wear a “nappy” on his comfortable saddle. “It’s not a nappy, it’s for comfort,” mumbles Bennett as he pedals away.