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A truck parked in a bike lane and threatened a Toronto cyclist when asked to move

The disturbing incident took place on a popular cycle track

Photo by: @thebikingvet

An 18-wheeler blocked the entire dedicated cycle track in Toronto on Friday, and apparently threatened cyclists when asked to move.

The road, Bayview avenue consists of one lane for cars which heads south, and a two-way cycle track. That means cyclists can’t simply go around the truck, even if they wanted to, they’d have to jump a curb and potentially ride into traffic.

The Biking Veterinarian tweeted about the situation. “If you’re headed down Bayview towards Corktown today, be careful. At the construction site there’s a semi parked in the bike lane. If you speak to the driver, he hurls insults, threatens to fight you, and calls workmen over to “fuck you up.”

Why are so many car drivers using dedicated bike tracks?

The truck was there dropping off supplies for a condo across the road, it seems, but in doing so created a very dangerous situation for cyclists who may be going to work. The cycle track is a popular route for riders to use.

Apparently, in an effort to stop the cyclist from taking a photo of his license plate, he turned on his high beams. The cyclist also said that the driver allegedly he slow rolled his truck towards me, calling him a “city boy.”

This isn’t the first time vehicles have driven or parked in that particular lane either.  In June,  a truck driver went into a protected bike lane and hit a cyclist.