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This cyclist is facing legal action for filming a driver who was using their phone

The motorist alleged the rider delayed them

Photo by: Tom Bugs/@bugsbrand

Tom Bugs is facing prosecution for holding up a van for less than ten seconds. Bugs is a cyclist from Bristol, England and tweeted on Wednesday that he had just received a “Notice of Intended Prosecution” because when filming a video of “a phone-using, Ministry of Transport-expired Audi driver,” he slowed the van up by around nine seconds.

Bugs said the delay happened as he tried to film the driver using his phone behind the wheel.

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Apparently, when he filmed him, this created a very brief delay for the driver. The horror!

The hold-up was caused by Tom performing a “hand gesture and moved on in a matter of seconds.”

Later, after submitting the footage of the driver using their phone to the local police, Bugs received a notice saying that he was cycling “without due care and attention, or without reasonable consideration for other people using the road.”

The story gets even more ridiculous. After the altercation, the driver then drove through a red light, but was forgiven by the local authorities as they believed the driver was frustrated by the event and thus forgiven.

You can read the whole super-frustrating thread below.