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This motorist got really mad when the cyclist fought back

The car driver was trying to pass on the inside

Photo by: Jeremy Vine @theJeremyVine

Cycling in a city can be a sketchy experience. You’re constantly on the lookout for errant drivers who may not be paying attention. There may be motorists who go through red lights, or be distracted. In downtown areas there may be drivers putting your ride at risk by stopping in a bike lane, forcing you to ride into traffic.

Then there are certain drivers, who may be very, very impatient.

Cyclists break road laws much less frequently than motorists

In London on Saturday, radio host Jeremy Vine was riding home when a motorist tried to impatiently pass another car on their inside, putting the cyclist at extreme risk. The cyclist did his best to ward off the driver, but the angry motorist kept taunting him.

The chase continues down the street, at night, and the cyclist ultimately seems to get away. Usually in a city, bikes are faster than cars. Soon after his harrowing escape, he hit a light, and he hoped he put enough time into the car behind him. But as you can see, the mad motorist was having none of that.