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Podcast: Tuft and Britton on bikepacking, and tips on surviving the holidays

How two pros ride fully loaded to train, and more important, to have fun. And, the Taiwan KOM Challenge on three-weeks of preparation

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In this episode, we look back at some big rides of the past year. In September, to prepare for the road world championships, Rob Britton went on a nine-day bikepacking trip with two friends. He had this idea earlier in the year and got advice from a rider whose big rides are legendary: Svein Tuft. Both Britton and Tuft discuss the joys and training benefits of going for fully loaded, long rides.

Social media editor Dan Walker and editor Matthew Pioro try to cover their top-five moments in cycling for 2018 in five minutes.

Coach Peter Glassford of the [Consummate Athlete podcast][3] offers advice for making it through the holidays without totally zapping your fitness and without forgoing a nice glass of scotch.

Finally, regular contributor to Canadian Cycling Magazine Melanie Chambers got a last-minute invitation to the Taiwan KOM Challenge this past October. In a short documentary, follow Chambers up 3,275 m in 105 km after only three-weeks of preparation. Chambers was against the clock. She wanted to finish in less than the six-and-a-half hours to earn a finisher’s medal.

Artwork by Maxine Gravina

This episode features music by Chris Zabriskie, licensed through CC 4.0.

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