Four flat bar cross bikes from B.C. provincial championships

Unique builds from the single speed cyclocross race at Victoria's Western Speedway

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Western Speedway B.C. Cyclocross Provincial Championships Hung Mai ssxc cyclocross
Aidan Sullivan and Jessy Hoffman roll through Western Speedway’s moto track in the Single speed championship race. Image: Hung Mai Photography

Cyclocross has always been a little different on the West Coast of Canada.

Each of the several B.C.-based regional series’ has its own distinct flavour, but they all have shared features, too. B.C. courses are often quite technical, peppered with features that would make a UCI commissar blanche, and as influenced by mountain biking as they are by road.

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It’s not surprising, then, that flat bar cross bikes have started to show up more regularly in B.C. and all down the West Coast. Flat bars offer a little more control, or a little more fun, on hairier sections of the course. More often than not, wide bars show up on the other peculiarity that seems more popular out west than other parts of Canada: single speed cyclocross bikes.

So, here’s four of the best flat bar single speed cross bikes from B.C. cyclocross provincial championships at Western Speedway in Victoria, B.C.

Trek Crockett

Dayna Seaward rode this Crockett to third in the women’s SSCX race. The current version of Trek’s Crockett was inspired by Sven Nys’ post-retirement foray into the messy world of SSCX for SSCXWXPDX – the 10th anniversary of the event. The original Crockett, though, was designed around prolific American cyclocross racer, and multiple time national champion, Katie Compton. Seaward took cues from both, crushing her way to third in the B.C. provincial championships women’s sscx field for the Last Call Racing team.


Mark Karu has repainted this ultra-light sscx whip himself with an incredible sparkling pink/purple colour scheme. Other than its impressively light weight, just one way this bike is decidedly not UCI-legal, the standout is SSCX Portland edition Challenge Limus tubulars, and holdover canti brakes over disc brakes.

Focus Mares SSCX

Aidan Sullivan’s flat bar Focus Mares isn’t naturally single, but it’s been made to work here. Along with long-discontinued, but still coveted Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires, Sullivan is running monstrous 780mm wide bars on his sscx Mares. While the flat bar look is new, Sullivan is still running canti brakes on this Mares

Transition Rapture CX

This Transition Rapture CX is owned by Sylvia Story, but was raced at Western Speedway by Sarah Hauser. Story stepped up with the loaner when Hauser had a irreparable mechanical during Saturday’s Cross on the Rock finals. It’s a good friend and a brave bike owner that willingly watches their personal ride roll off to the start line of a single speed race.