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Jeepers does Tadej Pogačar have some mad ‘cross skills

The two-time Tour de France champion finished second at Ciklokros Ljubljana

Tadej Pogačar is a triple threat: He can climb, he can time trial…and he can cyclocross.
Pog jumped into a race in Slovenia on Monday, the Ciklokros Ljubljana, finishing second to national champion Mihael Štajnar.

Of course this is far from the first CX race for the UAE rider. He was national champ back in 2018 and does a race or two every winter. He also won the same race in Ljubljana in 2021.

Someone added sound effects to Tadej Pogačar attacking and it’s bang-on

His form is, as you can expect, excellent. From jumping over barriers to seamless dismount, Pogačar can do it all.

Here is Pog doing some bunny hops at full speed:

And here you can see the Slovenian do a beautiful dismount and run-up.