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Pro Tips: Michael van den Ham explains how to do a cyclocross remount

Speed up your transitions on and off the bike

Michael van den Ham demonstrates a cyclocross remount Photo by: Michael van den Ham

Keeping speed while hopping on and off your bike is one of the hardest skills in cyclocross. There are a litany of ways leaping from a run onto your moving bike can go wrong. So, how do you remount like a cyclocross pro? Canadian elite men’s national champion Michael van den Ham is here to explain.

“In this Training Tip, we go right back to some Cyclocross basics – remounts! Even though this might be one of the most basic cyclocross skills, it’s also one of the most important.”

-Michael van den Ham

Remounts are one of the most distinctive parts of cyclocross, and often one of the skills that riders practice the least. Learning proper technique can turn remounts from an awkward experience to a smooth transition – and maybe even make up a couple of places in a race.

How to Remount Like a Cyclocross Pro

Michael van den Ham is brushing up his own skills ahead of the first Canadian cyclocross national championships in three years. The Easton-Giant rider will be in Victoria, B.C. this weekend to defend the title he earned back in 2019.

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