Newfoundland’s riding scene highlighted in “Landwash”

Race Face's "Creator Series" heads from west to east in Episode 7: "Landwash"

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If you’ve never thought of Newfoundland as one of Canada’s riding destinations, you might after watching Landwash.

The seventh episode of Race Face’s Creator Series makes the long journey from our country’s west coast all the way to the far east coast. From Vancouver Island straight to Newfoundland. The left side of Canada might be more well known for its mountain biking culture, but Landwash shows there’s just as much potential out east. There’s a growing riding scene, too.

Along with lobster traps and small town bars, there are incredible views, big rocks, and an expanding network of new and old trails.

“But as beautiful as it is, there’s a side of Newfoundland that doesn’t show up on the postcards that – for a small but growing group of passionate riders – truly defines what makes this place so special,” reads the description of Landwash. “A single dirt road runs through a small town, nonexistent cell reception deep within an old logging trail, and ancient rock formations with jagged seams that dominate the landscape.”

Visit a side of Newfoundland you’ve never seen before with Landwash.

Race Face Creator Series Ep. 7: Landwash

Filmmakers: Dru Kennedy and Only Issue

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