Final Chapter: YT Mob World Tour wraps up with new opportunities

Who will be invited to join YT's World Cup team in 2020

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As the YT Mob wraps up its global tour hunting for the team’s next downhill racers, the word of the week is “Opportunity.”

Through a massive, world-wide talent search, YT set out to provide the opportunity to participate in downhill mountain biking on the World Cup level. It’s a rare opportunity, and one often out of reach for young riders due to access, cost, or sheer geographic distance.

Photo: Isac Paddock
“For a lot of the kids it’s tough. Not everyone can just jump on a one-hour flight or drive eight hours and be at an international race. In that case it is hard to be noticed. That’s what we are here for. We have come to see the germinated seeds, to see if there is something that’s about to take off.”
– Martin Whiteley, Team Owner
Photo: Isac Paddock

Young Talent Camps visited continents across the globe looking for the next young riders to earn spots on YT’s World Cup team. After all of that, who gets the invites back to YT Mob HQ?

Over 550 young riders applied to join in the camps. From New Zealand to Argentina, Scotland, Japan, the U.S.A. and South Africa, young riders sought out this rare opportunity.

Photo: Isac Paddock
“The DNA of YT Industries is based on the idea of supporting young people and giving them an opportunity to shine on a bigger stage so that they can show their talent.”
 – Markus Flossmann, CEO YT Industries
So, what are the end results? Who’s headed to Granada, Spain to YT HQ? Watch the final episode below to find out.

YT Mob World Tour: Episode 6 – Opportunity

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