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2021 Gift Guide: Top tech and gear for cyclists

Gizmos, gadgets and small parts to take your next ride to the next level

If there’s one thing many cyclists can never get enough of, its cool new gear. Be that the latest tech to take your ride to a new level or just a few new bits to freshen up your ride, or your breakfast, most bikers would be thrilled to unwrap a new gadget this holiday season. Here are a few of our favourites for 2021:


Great Gizmos

While you’re on the trainer, channel your motivating music right into your ears with the Apple AirPods Pro earphones ($329, apple.com/ca). Their noise-cancelling feature will keep the tunes clear and crisp. The earphones are not recommended for use out on road rides, but if you do use them, the transparency setting is a must, letting the sounds of the surrounding environment pass through.

The GoPro Hero 10 Black camera ($780, ogc.ca), can capture the thrills of your rides with a 5.3K resolution at a rate of 60 frames per second. You can snap photos at 23 megapixels. It’s waterproof to 10 m, but you and your bike shouldn’t be that deep underwater. To get that content off the camera and out into the (virtual) world, GoPro has its Quik app for editing and a cloud backup.

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Give the gift of safety and peace of the mind. In a crash, the Specialized Angi sensor ($65, specialized.com/ca)– which sits in a helmet – sends out a rider’s GPS co-ordinates to a list of contacts. It works in conjunction with the Specialized Ride app and a mobile data connection.

Hydration Vehicles

The Rapha L39ion bidon ($22, rapha.cc) takes its name from the exciting L.A.-based squad that puts diversity and inclusion in cycling at the forefront of its mission. The bottle is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

The double-walled Rapha and Frank Green cup ($35) can hold 230 ml of coffee and sit in a bottle cage. The screw-top lid with its push button seals in the java and prevents spills. The cup is an excellent vessel for getting your caffeine fix and doing your part to reduce waste.

The Rapha and Snow Peak titanium mug ($58) is perfect for bikepacking. It’s 68 g. The mug’s handles fold in, making it easier to store. Place it directly on a camp stove to heat up a beverage.

Pick a Pedal

The Garmin Rally XC200 pedals ($1,560, garmin.com) are a versatile upgrade. They use standard Shimano SPD cleats. The pedals are easy to swap between your cross country, gravel and cyclocross bikes, ensuring that you can get power data from all your rides. If you have a magnetic or fluid trainer, the numbers that these pedals transmit will let you engage more with an app such as Zwift.

The Giant Road Pro clipless pedals ($150, giant-bicycles.com) are the company’s top-end platforms They are compatible with Look Kéo cleats. Each pedal has a chromoly axle within a carbon-injected body. The pair weighs in at 250 g, which is competitive with other high-end road pedals.

Handy Presents

New bar tape, new bike (practically). There’s just something about putting on fresh new bar tape. It’s like gift wrapping your own bike. Bontrager Gel Cork handlebar tape ($30, trekbikes.com) feels like traditional cork, but it has an inner gel strip for more comfort. There are 14 colours to choose from.

A Bontrager XR Trail Comp MTB grip set ($25) uses a finned texture to conform well to your hands. As an eco bonus, the grip core is made with recycled plastic from abandoned fishing nets.