5 reasons fall is the perfect time to start commuting by bicycle

Make getting around and running errands on a bicycle a healthy and sustainable part of your lifestyle this autumn

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As seasons change, so can your rituals and habits. While you may not have considered making a bike your go-to means of transportation, it’s a perfect time of year to do it. Maybe you’ve been riding recreationally all summer or have taken up the sport but haven’t adopted it as a means of transportation. Whether you are looking for a more sustainable means to get around, a cheaper alternative to public transportation or just want to get more active, you can easily make commuting by bike a part of your lifestyle. Here are five reasons that autumn is the best time of year to start  commuting by bicycle:

1) You have places to go

While you likely move around quite frequently year-round to the office, school, social events and to run errands, after summer life can feel a little busier. With a lot going on, it may seem intimidating to change the way you get around. Don’t let that stop you. Instead, use it as motivation to ride your bike consistently so you get everywhere you need to be in a timely manner energized and feeling great.

2) You’ve gotten into a routine

More commitments with school, work and family can mean you fall into an autumn routine quite quickly after the fluidity of the summer months. You can use that structure to your advantage to form a routine of commuting. You already know a lot of your schedule making it easier to slot in time for your bike commuting. You can even find yourself saving time because on some trips, taking your bike may be faster than walking or public transportation.

3) The weather is cooler

A big hurdle for commuting by bike for some people is arriving at your destination sweaty and a little dishevelled. Cooler temperatures mean you won’t sweat as much on your commute. Ride with a change of clothes to make sure you are able to freshen up upon arriving at your destination.

4) The roads and public transportation networks are busy

The academic year is in full swing and everyone is back in the city after their summer vacations. You may have noticed the roads are jammed with traffic and the public transportation networks are operating at full capacity. Use this as motivation to get on your bike finding a means of transportation that can be extremely rewarding mentally and physically. Getting out in fresh air and getting some exercise is a great way to start your day leaving the stress of congestion behind.

5) Staying active is tough when you are busy with school/work

If you are feeling staying active has fallen by the wayside because of your busy schedule, commuting by bike may just be the solution you are looking for. While it will depend on the length of the commutes you need to make, any exercise when you aren’t getting a lot is a good start that can start build positive momentum. Exersice and time outside is so important to your happiness and mental health. Cycling can be a big part of improving your headspace.