Valentine’s Day is coming up quick and planning the perfect date takes some time. If your special someone is a cyclist, there are certain things you will want to keep in mind before planning the romantic plans. While you want to impress on the date, there are certain circumstances that suit most cyclists better than others. So here are some general date guidelines to abide by for a date with your beloved cyclist:

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Don’t reserve at a fancy small-plate restaurant

If you’re planning a dinner date, make sure the portions are decent at the restaurant you’re going to. If you know in advance that you’re going to a nice French bistro, give your date fair warning so they can do the ancient ritual known as pre-eating.

Go somewhere with good coffee or beer

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According to Strava, cyclists are obsessed with coffee and beer which are the beverages most mentioned in their activities year after year. This is confirmed by our observational data as well. Luckily, the two beverages cyclists are most fond of during activities are also ones you can seek out on your date. Find an artisanal coffee shop or hip microbrewery and things will usually go smoothly from there.

Don’t plan a really late night

Especially if your date seems to be training a lot, most cyclists will start to peter out past 10 p.m. If you were thinking that a really late dinner or show would be romantic, reconsider. Eat at normal-people hours. Your date will appreciate it.

Reschedule brunch


If you can get cyclists to wait to eat until mid-morning on a weekend, well more power to you. Chances are, during the hours one typically enjoys brunch, your date will either be out on a ride or well past the hour at which they enjoy their first meal of the day. If you plan on having a brunch style meal, make sure to logistically plan beforehand.

Do something active but not too strenuous

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Doing something active together is a great idea for your date. Be warned however, most cyclists don’t love working out at the gym and if you make them jog chances are they will complain that everything hurts the whole time. There upper bodies aren’t particularly strong so an afternoon in the climbing gym might not be quite their fancy either. That being said, your date has good cardio so if you do something too strenuous it risks becoming a workout. Not so romantic

Don’t take them to a place that doesn’t offer a bread basket

Even worse than a very fancy small-plate restaurant is a restaurant that doesn’t bring a bread basket. The bread basket allows a cyclist to cosume more filling calories for free, and also ensure that they don’t get too hungry before the appetizers come.

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  • Sage Koh says:

    One of our first dates was a long bike ride (160kms) that ended at Cora’s… at 2.45pm, 15 minutes before they closed. We ordered the standard breakfast and received at least triple the amount of food. My guess was they’d rather serve it then throw it out. The plates were finished clean and the server looked rather amused that we ate everything. If your date I’d serious about cycling, then they are probably serious about eating and nutrition too. But, don’t forget to mind your manners no matter how famished you are, that can always be a deal breaker…

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