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Is the new ‘healthy’ Coke TikTok challenge something cyclists should try?

The unusual recipe is the talk of Tok

Photo by: @mandyvjones

Have you heard of the latest trend? TikTok users are trying to make a so-called “healthier” version of Coca-Cola. From the videos, it seems like the drink is hit or miss, but it certainly looks like the famous soda pop. Users mix balsamic vinegar (!), ice and sparkling water to try and create a new “New Coke.”

Coca-Cola has a long history in cycling. The fizzy drink sponsored the Tour de France for decades, with all riders using distinctive red water bottles adorned with the company logo. In 1990, the Australian Institute of Sport conducted a survey with 11 of the 19 men’s cycling teams in the USPRO Championships and found that almost all of the riders would drink a Coke toward the end of the race.

The advantages to the drink make sense. There’s obviously the caffeine which ill provide a pick-me-up to a tired body, plus, there’s a ton of sugar. Even with a wide variety of sports drinks to choose from, you can still spot pros having a Coke right after a race.

Although it’s unclear if this new “healthy” coke is in fact healthier, or even beneficial to riding, it sure sounds like it does not taste so great. Plus, the appeal of Coca-Cola is the aforementioned caffeine and sugars, something this recipe certainly does not have.

Plus, it sounds like it tastes like a salad dressing in ice.

You can watch one of the thousands of TikTokers make the drink below.


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