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2023 Canadian national track championships, day 1

Mitchell, Bibic, Mattern, Guillemette deliver dominant performances

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

The 2023 Canadian track national championships started off hot, with the usual suspects delivering fantastic performances. The event is back, just a few months after the 2022 edition, with plenty of maple leaf jerseys up for grabs.

Women’s 500 m TT

Kelsey Mitchell opened her weekend of racing with a win in the 500m Time Trial. He first gold of the weekend comes ahead of her national teammates Lauriane Genest and Sarah Orban.

1. Kelsey Mitchell (AB) Juventus Cycling Club
2. Laurianne Genest (QC) Equipe du Quebec
3. Sarah Orban (AB) Watt Team

Men’s kilo TT

Ontario’s James Hedgcock had a blistering kilo, only 0.59 seconds from breaking a minute. Hedgcock averaged a blistering 59.416 km/h to take gold on Friday.

1. James Hedgcock (ON) Ontario
2. Ryan Dodyk (AB) Juventus Cycling Club
3. Dylan Bibic (ON) Israel Cycling Academy

Men’s scratch race

There were two qualifying races for the men’s scratch race. Mathias Guillemette took the win, lapping the field in the first group. 2022 multiple junior world champion Carson Mattern, in his new Israel Cycling Academy kit, took the win, beating Wesley Hill and world champion Dylan Bibic (Israel – Premier Tech.)

Qualifier 1

1. Mathias Guillemette (QC)
2. Wesley Hill (ON) KW Cycling Academy
3. Evan Burtnik (AB) Toronto Hustle

Qualifier 2

1. Carson Mattern (ON) Israel Cycling Academy
2. Jean-Michel Lachance (QC) Independent
3. Dylan Bibic (ON) Israel Cycling Academy

Women’s team sprint

The battle royale in the women’s team sprint was a veritable clash of the titans with the super-stacked team of Quebec and Jack (Emy Savard, Jackie Boyle and Sarah Orban) beating Kelsey Mitchell’s Juventus squad (Erica Rieder, Erin Watchman and Mitchell).

1. Quebec and Jack (Emy Savard, Jackie Boyle, Sarah Orban)
2. Juventus Cycling Club (Erin Watchman, Erica Rieder, Kelsey Mitchell)

Men’s team sprint

Hedgecock earned another national champ jersey with the all-business Team Ontario taking the win over team Baby Got Track.

1. Team Ontario (James Hedgcock, Nick Wammes, Tyler Rourke)
2. Baby Got Track (Alex Brugger, Ryan MacDonald, Dustin Brooks)

Women’s scratch race final

Ariane Bonhomme lapped the field to take the win in the women’s scratch race final. B.C.’s Erin Attwell won the sprint for silver, ahead of Kiara Lylyk.

1. Ariane Bonhomme (Roxo Racing)
2. Erin Attwell
3. Kiara Lylyk (The Cyclery)

Men’s scratch race final

Surprise, surprise! Dylan Bibic, current world scratch race champion, earned the maple leaf jersey. Too bad he won’t be able to wear it–unless he wears it under his rainbow kit. Mathias Guillemette earns silver ahead of Toronto Hustle’s Michael Foley.

1. Dylan Bibic (Israel Cycling Academy)
2. Mathias Guillemette
3. Michael Foley (Toronto Hustle)

2023 Canadian track national championships continue on Saturday at Mattamy National Cycling Centre.

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